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Locksmiths in Cobham

Locksmiths in Cobham

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Weir Locksmiths & security specialists has been the top choice of thousands of customers for over 20 years now. We are happy to inform you that our business has spread to the Cobham area, too, which means that you can now enforce your premises with the latest technology in terms of security!

Weir Locksmiths is your best choice for a security company, providing locksmith services to people for over two decades. Our reputation speaks best of us – we are reliable, affordable and highly professional. Is there anything else you would ask from a locksmith security service?

Honesty and reliability are the key goals of our specialists. Our company has grown over the years and can now deliver a wide range of security products such as alarms, locks and other security installs. Additionally, you can enjoy our service from any location in the Cobham area. Wherever you are located, we will get to you within a timeframe of 30 minutes!

Services We Provide

Weir Locksmiths can help you in any emergency, as well as advise you on the best security measure for your home or office. You can call us and ask the assistance from our highly trained specialists when:

You are Locked Out of Your Home

Unaccounted keys are a serious problem, mostly because you can never be sure if you have lost them or had them stolen. This is why insurance companies nowadays add a policy that obliges people to change their locks when a key is nowhere to be found.

In cases where you are locked out of your home for some reason, we can help you re-access the premises in a very short timeframe. Our specialists use the latest equipment and techniques to open doors and windows promptly, without causing any damage in the process.

You Need New Keys

Moving to a new home or office comes with many expenses, one of them being new locks and keys for every door. If you need someone to provide you with a key to every door on your premises, including the shed and garage, you will need a reliable and affordable provider. Calling Weir Locksmiths allows you to get high quality service at a reduced cost!

Locks are Faulty and You Need a New Lock

Locks are damaged for many reasons, which is why you may be left outside your house or office. Calling our company will allow you to get onsite assistance to any location in the Cobham area, as well as the expertise of some of the best specialists.

Our mechanics will try to fix the existing faulty lock or replace it with a new one when necessary. We specialize in locks and mechanisms for wood, aluminum and UPVC doors and windows and carry a large stock of the major brands. If we do not have the brand of your lock, we can get it within one working day.

Commercial Security

The prime concern of our company is to protect your premises and its content. We can provide you with security regardless of the size of your business and you can be rest sure that you will have everything you need to keep up-to-date with today’s business insurance requirements.

Our company is the main stockiest of Mul-t-Lock & ABS High Security Locking Systems, which are ideal for commercial use. Choosing these keys will allow you for high level of safety since the only one who can copy them is us, with your permission.

Other Services

Other services offered by Weir Locksmiths are: Electronic and CCTV Security, Permanent windows, bar, grills and screens, intruder alarm systems and retractable security gates.

All security systems installed by our company follow the SSAIB grade II insurance approved standard. If you choose our service, we can provide you with latest technology in terms of electronic security, alarm systems and retractable security gates for doors and windows.

Our mechanics follow your specific needs to create a security system. Every system installed by us is wire free and will not ruin the décor of your premises. Even the retractable gates come at various sizes and colors to make sure that the exterior and interior of your home is preserved in the way you want it.