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Locksmiths in Hampton

Locksmiths in Hampton

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Rated Best Locksmiths in Hampton, Surrey!

Hampton is now the home of one of the best locksmith services in Surrey! Weir Locksmiths is a company that has been providing security solutions for over 20 years now and prides itself for high quality workmanship, affordable pricing and a grand variety of security options.

We are the best security locksmith company that specializes in a variety of security requirements and installations. If you need to access your home rapidly, effectively and in a non-destructive way, our specialists are available at your service at any time, every day of the week. Furthermore, we are always here to advice you on the best security solution for your home and office and provide you with top-quality measures that will increase the safety of your premises.

You no longer need to spend hours waiting for a locksmith in a security emergency! Our mechanics are ready to reach you at any location in the Hampton area at all times, regardless of the situation you are in. Starting from burglary damage repair to security installations, our security specialists are always on hand to advise you on the best solution in terms of your workplace or home.

Our Services

Weir Locksmiths is your best friend in times of security emergencies. If you wish to make your premises safer, all you need to do is contact us and ask for help. We will make sure to provide you with professional service at a highly competitive price.

Lockouts or Lost Keys

When people are locked out of their home or office, they need to access the premises as soon as possible. Our specialists have a rapid response time of approximately 30 minutes in most cases, which means that we are the fastest service you will find in the Hampton area. Being local allows us to assist you in any security issue within an incredibly short timeframe.

Once the mechanics arrive at your location, they will make sure to enter the premises in a rapid, non-destructive way. They are trained to use the latest techniques for successful entry and use the most advanced technology in helping you re-access your home or workplace.

Need New Keys of Lock?

If you have lost the key, you must make a new one and do so rapidly. Even if you have a spare key, an unaccounted key may mean that it was stolen, which puts you at great risk of burglary. Furthermore, insurance companies often add a clause in policies that obliges you to change the lock as soon as something like this happens, which means that you will also be risking losing your insurance.

If you need a new lock, we can provide you with one at a highly affordable price. We have all major brands of locks and can replace the old one in a very short timeframe. If we do not have the type of lock on hand at the moment, we can get it within as little as 1 working day.

A new lock comes with a new pair of keys, which is something we can also provide. Even if the reason why you need new keys is that you are changing house or office, we can provide you with any keys, even those for your garage and shed. Full lock change comes at discounted rates at Weir Locksmiths, so use this opportunity to make your new home safe at a highly affordable price!

Security Installations and Upgrades

Changing your locks, accessing your premises and providing you with keys of all types are only few of the services we offered. If you wish to make your premises safe, we are the best solution because our company offers:

  • Commercial security

If you choose Weir Locksmiths, we will make sure to keep your business up-to-date with the insurance requirements of today.

  • Mul-t-Lock & ABS High Security Locking systems

These systems are robust, designed for frequent use and ideal for commercial use.

  • Master keying systems
  • Electronic and CCTV security
  • Intruder alarm systems

We can install some of the best alarm systems to improve your home’s safety or upgrade an existing alarm on your premises.

  • Permanent window bars, grills and screens
  • Retractable security gates for doors and windows

These come at all sizes and colors and can be used as a part of the exterior or interior.