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Locksmiths in Staines

Locksmiths in Staines

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Welcome to our Staines office! Weir Locksmiths is a widely popular, highly reputable locksmith service that has been providing security solutions for over 20 years. If you are located anywhere in the Staines area, call us and we will make sure to provide you with immediate assistance!

Whatever security issue you have, we have the solution. Weir Locksmiths is a company that has grown and developed over the years while providing honest and reliable service to everyone in need of it. If you are located in the Staines area and need our assistance, call us today to make sure that your premises are safe!

All specialists and mechanics employed in our company are trained to work efficiently, professionally and without causing any damage to your premises. Starting from lockouts to full security installs, we are not only the most affordable choice in the area, but also the best. Our company does not use call centers, but allows for every customer to reach us at all times and speak to a Weir Locksmiths representative.

If you have an emergency, we can get to your location within a timeframe of only 30 minutes. In case you require our professional opinion regarding the security of your home or office, our professionals will make sure to advise you on the most appropriate security measure based on your requirements.

We can help you with residential and commercial services and offer a grand variety of security installations. Contact our service on phone or via e-mail if:

You Need to Access Your Premises or Need a New Key/ Lock

People may need a new key for numerous reasons, one of them being lost or stolen keys. Fortunately, Weir Locksmiths is known for their prompt response when it comes to lockouts or lost keys, which will allow you to enter your premises without causing any damage to it, without spending hours waiting for a locksmith.

Wherever you are in the Staines area, our experts can come and provide you with rapid access to your home or office. If you cannot enter your premises because the lock is faulty, they will do damage control and try to repair it. In cases where repairing the lock is not possible, we will replace your lock in the shortest time possible.

Our company has the expertise and technology to fix all types of locks. Additionally, we have all major brands locks on hand at all times. In the case where we do not have the brand you need, we can get it within only one working day.

If you have lost your key or it is unaccounted for any reason, we highly recommend changing the lock. Insurance policies demand this action in order for your policy to stay valid.

Changing your lock is also important if you are a landlord since you need to make sure that no previous tenants can access the premises without your knowledge. If you want to enjoy a reduced price of such regular services, call our Staines office today!

The last reason why one would need new keys is if they move into a new house or office. In such cases, you will probably need many keys for the various doors, vaults etc, which means that you need an affordable locksmith that will give you a good service and good price. Call us to get a discounted rate for your property.

You Want to Secure Your Property

Weir Locksmiths provides burglary repairs, damage repairs of any type and a grand variety of security installments to all sizes and types of properties. We understand all aspects of residential and commercial security and can make sure that your business is up-to-date with today’s insurance requirements.

Our company is the main stockist of Mul-t-Lock & ABS High Security Locking Systems, which are the best choice for commercial use on the market today. If you need to secure your property, you need these restricted keys that can only be copied by Weir Locksmiths.

How can you secure your property?


Our company offers the latest surveillance systems for your home or business.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Protect your home by letting us install the latest alarm systems and avoid break-ins.

Retractable Security Gates

We offer retractable security gates for windows and doors of any size or color to make your property safer.

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