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Locksmiths When Moving Home

Locksmiths When Moving Home

When moving home changing locks and security should be a must in the new home – yet a staggering 86% of us do not update any security when we move into our new home, which is, excuse the pun, alarming to say the least.

You simply have no idea how many keys the previous occupiers of the house gave away to friends, neighbours, family or anyone else. Aside from the obvious risk to your security this poses, in the event of a burglary, the majority of insurers will refuse to pay out if there is evidence that the thief has let themselves in – and this can get really, really expensive.

One of the UK’s leading removal companies MOVECORP state that even though they do remind their customers that they should look to upgrade their security during a move, most simply shrug it off saying they’ll get around to it, but evidently and unfortunately, many people don’t.

Changing the locks when you move is usually the last thing on your mind, after unpacking, cleaning, redirecting mail, and shopping for new cushions. Furthermore, Locksmiths are not free, and given the rising cost of moving house, you may be tempted to ignore the risks.

Changing the locks and having new keys cut yourself can be cheaper, but still requires an investment of time and money which many new homeowners put off indefinitely.

Based on these factors, the attitude among homeowners is one of denial, that it will never happen to them.

A recent survey revealed that two thirds of homeowners fail to change the locks when they move. Not only does this carry the risk of invalidating their insurance where a burglar has used an old set of keys, there is the additional risk that the locks themselves are inadequate.

Even if a break-in has occurred without access, insurers will be unlikely to pay out if the locks and other security measures protecting the house are not up to specification. You may also face higher premiums in future, not to mention the psychological impact burglary can have on your enjoyment of your new home.

It’s not just locks, make sure you change your alarm codes

Locks aren’t the only things that need to be upgraded – alarm codes should also be updated. Many people when moving into their new home keep alarm codes the same as how it was left leaving a huge security risk.

Weir Locksmiths have been champions of ensuring that its customers are secure and should you need security advice when moving home we’d be more than happy to give assistance.

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